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About this Newsletter:

The world is an increasingly unstable and scary place, when one takes into account the plots and goals of several authoritarian states, ongoing terrorist wars spreading throughout the third world, multiple border conflicts involving nuclear powers, and, let us not leave out the increasing instability of the United States, as the once- indispensable nation beats a confused retreat from genetrations of leadership of the democratic West.

The Newsletter’s Goal:

This newsletter’s goal is to track, analyze and report out world military and political events on a weekly basis (or more often as events warrant).  As events in the United States become more violent and unstable, the attention of many are pulled into examinations of American domestic troubles, to the detriment of a close examination of the dangers lurking in nearly every corner of the globe.  This is a critical point in history, and my goal is to highlight events beyond America’s horizon, as well as reporting on America’s increasingly turbulent domestic scene.

Every writer and analyst carries biases in how they see the world and report on it.  I will be clear on mine.  Democracy is best; authoritarian or totalitarian regimes as we see in China, Russia, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, and elsewhere are dangerous to the world order.  

My personal goal is to keep my readers informed of the dangerous goings on around the world that may not get the attention they deserve in mainstream media.  

Who Am I?

I am an American citizen who has always been fascinated by world events and politics, especially the brush-fire wars in the Third World that usually received little attention in the regular media. When I was younger, I am pretty sure I was the only kid in my school who eagerly read the newspaper for updates on how the Soviets and Cubans were fighting their imperial wars in Angola and Ethiopia during the late 1970s; a period of American retreat from world leadership during the post-Vietnam era.

My interests led me to study history and political science in college; becoming a high school and middle school history and civics teacher as my vocation. In 1997, I began writing online with my website, The History Guy, where I went public with my love of history and current events. Today, I am launching a fresh newsletter format I call State of the World, where I examine domestic and world events, and share them with you.

I hope you find the State of the World newsletter interesting, informative, and thought-provoking.

Thank you,

Roger A. Lee.

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