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Well said. I do wonder how China and Russia will get along if both spark a larger war. Will they work together or stand off to one another? Also, so much of our U.S. economy is tied to China we may have already put one foot in the grave. Larry

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Yep, with the nuclear and economic cards many of "us" have developed, conflict has a LOT of bad options and outcomes. Can we actually get along with one another?

Another thought, is the awful bio option, I hope and pray (generally speaking) that nobody has actually developed. The thought being, that we can develop something that will kill everyone but "us". I am sure it is possible if you bio engineer your population. There are those who wish to leave the planet to survive, this bio kill option may make sense in their minds so that they can stay here. I know this is out there thinking. But if I can think of it, others can and likely have too.

Our Human timeline is so thin in geologic terms, we might not even show up in a future eroded hillside layer (10,000 yrs from now).

We have a choice, but will we take it?

If you don't want to post this, I understand. Larry

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